Thursday, March 30, 2023

The importance of a service dashboard

When running an online service it is vitally important that you have a dashboard that can give you a concise overview of how the service is doing. The general purpose of this dashboard is twofold. First off you want to be able to easily see if your users are generally having a good experience using your service. The second purpose is to hopefully see if there is something weird or unexpected that is happening.

For Underscore Backup I have created the following dashboard (There is also a second dashboard that tracks usage instead of the correctness of the service).

The other day I discovered something weird happening in one of our least used regions where the storage usage suddenly doubled over night with no new source or accounts registering. When you see something weird, it is a good principle to look closer to what could have caused it.

Sure enough, when I looked closer I discovered a bug where in some cases after doing a log optimization the old log was not properly deleted from the storage after being completed. Fortunately, having found it the bug was trivial to fix before the new stable release was done.